The Take: Forced to leave Pakistan, where can Afghan refugees go?

The expulsion of undocumented Afghans in Pakistan is underscoring tensions with Taliban-ruled Afghanistan.

Afghan men walk as a family boards a truck as they head back to Afghanistan from Pakistan, at the Chaman Border Crossing along the Pakistan-Afghanistan Border in Balochistan Province, in Chaman, Pakistan November 9, 2023
A family boards a truck as they head back to Afghanistan from Pakistan at the Chaman border crossing along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border in Chaman, a city in Pakistan's Balochistan province, on November 9, 2023 [Naseer Ahmed/Reuters]

Four million Afghans seeking refuge in Pakistan have been caught up in a government crackdown on immigration. What choices are left for those being forced to leave?

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Abid Hussain (@abidhussayn), Al Jazeera Digital correspondent

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Source: Al Jazeera