The Take: In Guatemala, will a new presidency be ended before it begins?

Bernardo Arevalo’s election victory has been overshadowed by years of political corruption.

Presidential candidate for the Semilla party Bernardo Arevalo looks on during a press conference on the day of the first round of Guatemala's presidential election in Guatemala City, Guatemala, June 25, 2023
Presidential candidate for the Semilla party Bernardo Arevalo, front row right, won 58 percent of the vote in Guatemala's August run-off [Cristina Chiquin/Reuters]

Guatemalans have elected Bernardo Arevalo as their next president. He promises to fight poverty and corruption and to improve governance in the Central American country. But now, his supporters say Guatemala’s ruling class is trying to prevent Arevalo from taking office in January. So why has the tide turned on newly elected Arevalo, and will his presidency be over before it even begins?

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Source: Al Jazeera