Turkey’s catastrophic earthquake puts Syria in the spotlight

The Take looks at why it has been harder for aid to reach northern Syria.

White Helmets members rest on day five of the rescue operations after a massive earthquake in Jandaris, Syria February 10, 2023 in this image obtained from social media.
White Helmets rescue workers rest on day five of searches of earthquake rubble in Jandaris, Syria, on February 10, 2023, in this image obtained from social media. [White Helmets via Reuters]

Emergency aid is pouring into southeastern Turkey after Monday’s earthquakes, but why is it so much harder for aid to reach northern Syria? Both sides of the border have been devastated by the disaster, which struck after years of conflict and displacement. With the death toll rising every day, will Syrians get the international spotlight they need?

In this episode: 

  • Ammar, NGO worker living in Gaziantep, Turkey
  • Emad, NGO worker living in Gaziantep
  • Alper Ilki (@AlperIlki), president of the Turkish Earthquake Foundation and professor at Istanbul Technical University
  • Dr Zaher Sahloul (@Sahloul), president and co-founder of MedGlobal

Find ways to donate to the earthquake response here.

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Source: Al Jazeera