What do we know about Iran’s schoolgirl poisonings?

The Take looks at the wave of reported poisonings of girls in schools around Iran, the country’s protest movement and what the future for girls there looks like.

A young woman lies in hospital after reports of poisoning.
A young woman lies in hospital after reports of poisoning at an unspecified location in Iran in this still image from video from March 2, 2023 [Reuters]

What’s behind the wave of poisonings taking place in classrooms around Iran? The first documented incident was in November, at one school in the city of Qom. But the attacks have ramped up, with reports of thousands of girls being affected by poisonings at hundreds of schools all across the country. The poison attacks come on the heels of a protest movement that took off last year in the country under the banner of “woman, life, freedom.” Between the protests and the poisonings, what does the future look like for girls in Iran?

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Source: Al Jazeera