Will drastic reforms save Nigeria’s economy – or cause more pain?

Yaouba Ahmadou with his workers
Yaouba Ahmadou, in white dress, a semi-wholesaler of Nigeria's contraband fuel speaks with his workers in Garoua, Cameroon [File: Desire Danga Essigue/Reuters]

Correction July 11, 2023: This episode originally stated Ilorin is a state in Nigeria. It is a city.

When Bola Tinubu was elected as Nigeria’s president in May, many expected little would change. But from the first minutes of his inauguration speech, the 71-year-old has brought big changes to Africa’s largest economy. He says the moves, including scrapping a fuel subsidy, are needed to save the country from debt and poverty. But for average citizens already facing soaring inflation and a cost of living crisis, the reforms could add more pressure to their struggles.

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