How will the 2023 Women’s World Cup change the game?

Spain and England will meet in the Women’s World Cup final, but new stars from around the globe are changing the game.

FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia and New Zealand 2023 - Semi Final - Australia v England - Stadium Australia, Sydney, Australia - August 16, 2023 Australia's Mary Fowler in action with England's Lauren Hemp
Australia's Mary Fowler in action with England's Lauren Hemp during the 2023 Women's World Cup, Stadium Australia, Sydney, Australia, August 16, 2023 [Hannah Mckay/Reuters]

The Women’s World Cup final is this Sunday with England and Spain facing off for the trophy. The month-long competition has seen the end of several storied careers, but it has also introduced the world to emerging stars that could inspire a new generation of fans. With the growth of viewership and enthusiasm, the women’s game has reached another turning point. How will the end of WWC 2023 shape the future of women’s football?

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  • Faye Carruthers (@FayeCarruthers), host of women’s football podcasts for The Guardian and talkSPORT

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