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The Coach: Confidence building in Burkina Faso

Ragnimwendé Eldaa Koama coaches young entrepreneurs in communication, confidence and how to dream big.

Ragnimwendé Eldaa Koama is a leader who believes in self-improvement and helping young people find their own confidence to succeed.

In The Coach, by filmmaker Mamounata Nikièma, we see Eldaa at work, coaching some of Burkina Faso’s many young entrepreneurs. Communication, public speaking and confidence are vital for success. With high unemployment in Ouagadougou, many young people choose self-employment and are keen to learn from this dynamic and enterprising coach.

Mamounata Nikièma is a director, producer, documentary screenwriting trainer and blogger based in Burkina Faso. She is centrally involved in the film networks of her country. During Fespaco 2021 she was decorated as Knight of the Order of Merit, Arts, Letters and Communication for ‘Cinématographie’.