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We pro­file peo­ple from around the world, who all run for dif­fer­ent rea­sons.

Published On 8 Apr 2018

A per­son­al look at the fu­ner­al in­dus­try and how a tra­di­tion­al fam­i­ly-run trade is be­ing over­tak­en by big cor­po­ra­tions.

Published On 12 Oct 2017
Video Duration 48 minutes 30 seconds
Death in the Family - AJ Correspondent

What does it take to make a Bol­ly­wood movie? A per­son­al jour­ney into the fas­ci­nat­ing world of In­di­an film.

Published On 27 Sep 2017
Video Duration 47 minutes 37 seconds
Gautam Singh - My Own Private Bollywood pic 3

One in four peo­ple will suf­fer a men­tal ill­ness, but will they all get the care and treat­ment they need?

Published On 22 Oct 2015
Video Duration 49 minutes 03 seconds
Al Jazeera Correspondent (Victoria) - Please do not use

Al Jazeera’s Car­o­line Rad­nof­sky ex­plores the lega­cy of her grand­fa­ther, the man be­hind the icon­ic Apol­lo 11 space suits.

Published On 15 Oct 2015
Video Duration 48 minutes 08 seconds
Al Jazeera Correspondent - Putting Man on the Moon - with logo

Fol­low the in­cred­i­ble jour­ney of Asadul­lah Rah­man, the youngest in­mate to be held at Guan­tanamo Bay.

Published On 8 Oct 2015
Video Duration 47 minutes 09 seconds

A per­son­al look at how the coun­try’s rail­ways re­veal so much about Japan­ese cul­ture and the changes in so­ci­ety.

Published On 1 Oct 2015
Video Duration 47 minutes 48 seconds
Off the Rails - A Journey Through Japan - title logo

Tied to­geth­er by a painful his­to­ry, Greece and Ger­many are locked into a new con­flict that has reawak­ened old ghosts.

Published On 22 Feb 2015
Video Duration 47 minutes 36 seconds
title logo - al jazeera correspondent - the greek resistance, barnaby phillips