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My Own Private History in Jordan, Egypt and Tunisia

Personal, witness accounts of four historical events in Jordan, Egypt and Tunisia, including a riot over a movie.

Four stories: a Sinai Bedouin who lived through the 1967 Arab-Israeli War; a retired Jordanian spy who worked undercover in the occupied West Bank; the granddaughter of the leader of a bid for independence in a small town in Egypt in 1919; and one man’s recollection of the protests in Tunisia on January 17, 1961, sparked by the filming of the Hollywood movie, The Thief of Baghdad.

In this film, we present witnesses’ accounts of these historical stories – each told through a unique and subjective perspective by those who witnessed the events first-hand, or who have had the narrative handed down to them orally.

Each storyteller recounts key moments in history, as they saw it, upfront and personally.