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There’s a mega climate problem with our megacities | All Hail

Greening our cities makes them more liveable and more sustainable, but is this coming at too high a cost for some?

Today, about 56 percent of the world’s population is urban; by 2050, it will be nearly 70 percent.

Cities have the potential to be really efficient hubs of humanity that can support sustainable living; however, many of them haven’t been designed that way. So urban planners around the world are trying to create “green” or “smart” cities. But how green and smart are these urban innovations? And do they result in a greener city for everyone, or just a chosen few?

In the fifth episode of All Hail The Planet – a series delving into the social, economic and political forces undermining meaningful global action on climate change – Ali Rae speaks with the director of the African Centre for Cities, Edgar Pieterse; the director of the Barcelona Lab for Urban Environmental Justice & Sustainability, Isabelle Anguelovski; and a professor of urban planning at the University of Lagos, Taibat Lawanson.