Counting the Cost

The Ukraine war a year on: Who’s paying the price?

One year since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began, the West is still rolling out sanctions against Moscow.

In the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine a year ago, the United States and Western countries imposed unprecedented sanctions on Moscow.

The rouble would be reduced to rubble and the economy cut in half, said US President Joe Biden in reference to the economic measures.

Russia’s banking, energy, access to global trade and its oligarchs, have all been targeted in an attempt to undermine Vladimir Putin’s war effort. But the country continues to export energy and the war rages on.

From an energy crisis in Europe to shortages of food in Africa, the war has upended the global economy in many ways. We learn how bakers as far as Senegal are coping.

Elsewhere, we look at Air India sealing the biggest aviation deal in history.