Dying Earth

Lost Futures

Some of the ‘prophets of doom’ of the 60s whose warnings went unheeded assess the current environmental fragility.

The effects of climate change were already being felt as far back as the 1960s, but scientists who linked fossil fuels with climate change were labelled “prophets of doom”.

This episode traces the trajectory of climate change over the past 60 years and examines how and why – despite the stark warnings – we failed to halt the climate catastrophe we are currently experiencing, and why it appears politics and science are at odds when it comes to this issue.

Years of propaganda and greed from oil companies created a world where profit trumped the health of the planet, the consequences of which are now being felt today.

Lost Futures explores the effects of corporate greed. In Louisiana, we see firsthand how small coastal towns will succumb to the devastating effects of years of drilling from oil companies, and what this means for a generation which has had little to do with causing the devastation but is forced to live with its consequences.