Football Rebels

Honey Thaljieh: First captain of Palestine women’s football team

The former Palestinian women’s football captain, who has fought prejudice all her life, now promotes equality through sport for boys and girls alike.

If you ask Palestinians to name the captain of the men’s national football team, some might struggle. But mention the name Honey Thaljieh, and they know exactly who you are talking about.

Thaljieh was born in Bethlehem and grew up in occupied Palestine. She first came to prominence as the co-founder and first-ever captain of the Palestinian women’s football team. She had to overcome prejudice and break through social and political barriers to achieve this goal, and became a role model to women and girls in the Middle East and beyond. But a series of knee injuries ended her playing career.

This film follows Thaljieh’s efforts to influence the next generation of boys and girls as she continues to be a strong voice for empowerment and equality through sport.