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Are measures to stop the spread of COVID-19 failing?

There have been running battles between rioters and police across cities in the Netherlands for several days.

Shops have been looted and smashed as people vented their anger about new COVID-19 restrictions.

It’s been nearly four decades since the Netherlands saw violence on its streets on such a large scale.

Many Dutch people have been outraged by the introduction of a curfew, the first to be imposed since the end of the second world war.

The nation had a more relaxed approach to stop the spread of COVID-19 at the start of the pandemic – but recently infections have surged.

The government says it is tightening restrictions in an effort to stop the spread of more contagious virus strains discovered in the UK and South Africa.

But as governments bring in tougher measures – are they losing control?

Presenter: Sami Zeidan


Jan-Willem Van Prooijan – Professor of Psychology at the Free University of Amsterdam.

Amir Khan – Doctor at the UK’s National Health Service or NHS.

Jeff Lazarus – Head of Health Systems at the Barcelona Institute for Global Health.