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Is it too late to save our planet’s biodiversity?

UN holds conference on preserving wildlife and nature ahead of COP26 Climate Change Summit.

Leaders from around the world will gather in Glasgow for the COP26 Climate Change Summit in just fewer than three weeks.

A closely linked United Nations summit on biodiversity is taking place right now in China – with the aim of preserving our planet’s wildlife.

UN scientists say human activity is driving a million species towards extinction.

Representatives at a similar summit in 2010 agreed on a 10-year conservation plan.

But none of those targets has been met.

So what will this meeting in Kunming, China achieve?

Presenter: Peter Dobbie


Gavin Edwards – Global coordinator, New Deal for Nature and People at World Wide Fund International

Nancy Githaiga – Kenya country director at the African Wildlife Foundation

Stephan Singer – Senior climate science and global energy policy adviser at Climate Action Network International