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Will Taliban support for a vaccination drive eradicate polio?

Group launches four-day immunisation campaign with UN agencies.

Much of the world is free of polio, a disease that can paralyse and disfigure children.

But in Afghanistan, the Taliban made it difficult for health workers to eradicate the virus.

Its fighters limited United Nations organisations from carrying out door-to-door vaccinations in areas under its control and health workers were attacked.

Now in control of the country, the Taliban has backed a four-day immunisation campaign in conjunction with UN agencies.

Taliban leaders have promised to protect vaccination teams and female health workers.

So, why has the group changed its stance? And can the disease finally be eradicated?

Presenter: Mohammed Jamjoom


Dr Nek Wali Shah Momin – Coordinator, Afghan National Emergency Operations Centre for the Eradication of Polio

Dr Nadeem Jan – Public health doctor who led Pakistan’s polio vaccination programme

Lutfullah Lutf – Researcher & political analyst