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What’s next for Haiti after the president’s assassination?

Fears of more turmoil after gunmen shoot dead Jovenel Moise in dawn raid.

The assassination of Haiti’s president is the latest upheaval for the poorest country in the Americas.

Unknown gunmen raided Jovenel Moise’s home in the capital Port-au-Prince, killing him and wounding his wife. Police say they killed some suspects and arrested several others.

Prime Minister Claude Joseph announced a state of siege lasting two weeks. But it is unclear who is now in charge, as Moise had named another man to replace Joseph.

Haiti was already struggling with political infighting, gang violence and natural disasters.

What is needed to prevent more chaos?

Presenter: Mohammed Jamjoom


Jenna Ben-Yehuda – president and CEO of The Truman National Security Project and former Haiti analyst for the US Department of State

Sam Bojarski – reporter for the Haitian Times

Jake Johnston – senior research associate at Center for Economic Policy Research