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Will Myanmar’s military leaders keep promise to hold election?

Six months after the coup, army generals declare ‘caretaker government’ and pledge to hold election in 2023.

Six months ago, Myanmar was plunged into chaos when its military took power in a coup.

It locked up civilian leaders and promised to hold on to power only for a year.

But senior general Min Aung Hlaing has now extended a state of emergency until August 2023.

He says he will hold multiparty elections, but did not give any other details.

The coup triggered mass protests, which the military quashed with a violent crackdown.

Is there a way out of the crisis?

And what’s the role of the international community, six months on?

Presenter: Peter Dobbie


Dr Sasa – Spokesman of the National Unity Government of Myanmar, formed after the coup by members of the deposed civilian government

John Packer – Director of the Human Rights Research and Education Centre, University of Ottawa

Maung Zarni – Human rights activist