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What’s behind US export controls on technology to China?

US firms are restricted from selling advanced semiconductors to Beijing.

Technology is the latest sector to be affected by tensions between the United States and China.

US President Joe Biden has imposed sweeping controls on exports of semiconductors to Beijing.

Also known as “semis” or “chips”, semiconductors are needed to run nearly all electronics from smartphones to cars and military equipment.

American firms will be restricted from selling advanced chips to China and supplying Chinese firms with tools to make their own.

China has accused the US of using science and technology as a political weapon.

What’s behind Biden’s decision?

And how much is it down to politics?

Presenter: Hazem Sika


Vasuki Shastry – Associate fellow, Asia-Pacific Program, Chatham House

Dan Wang – Chief economist, Hang Seng Bank (China)

Yang Wang – Senior analyst, Counterpoint Research