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What impact does China’s economy have on the rest of the world?

Latest economic data from China paints a gloomier picture than analysts had forecast.

The saying used to be: When the United States sneezes, the world catches a cold.

Now, the global focus is just as much on China. COVID-19 has had an impact on the financial health of the world’s second-largest economy – and it is contagious.

So when the latest economic data from Beijing showed weaker-than-expected results, concern spread worldwide.

The World Bank has warned of a possible global recession next year, so how does slower economic growth in China affect the rest of the world?

Presenter: Mohommad Jamjoom


Andy Mok – Senior research fellow at the Center for China and Globalization

Shirley Ze Yu – Fellow at the Ash Center of Harvard Kennedy School

Guido Cozzi – Professor of macroeconomics at the University of Saint Gallen