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What effect will further Western arms in Ukraine have?

As Ukraine appeals for more weapons, critics worry further militarisation will just mean more war.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has brought a war between two European countries on a scale not seen since World War II.

Death and destruction have been extensive – but Russia has faced stiff resistance, and Ukrainian forces have retaken some territory.

Western arms and training have played a key role in the conflict, forcing Russia to reassess its tactics. Moscow is now switching to long-range weapons and drones.

Some critics of the Western strategy say that pouring more arms into the war simply means more death – and delays the need to talk peace. Is further military aid for Ukraine the way forward?


Nastasya Tay


Peter Zalmayev – Executive director, Eurasia Democracy Initiative in Kyiv, political commentator, and post-Soviet studies specialist

Pavel Felgenhauer – Defence and military analyst in Moscow

Leonid Ragozin – Independent journalist in Riga and publisher of the book European Tragedy – a history of Russia and the current conflict.