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What’s behind the downfall of leftist leaders in Latin America?

Several Leftist Latin American leaders have faced criminal charges in recent years.

A week ago, he was sitting at his presidential desk – now Peru’s former leader Pedro Castillo sits in a prison cell.

Impeached by the same parliament he tried to dismiss, he faces rebellion charges. Earlier criminal investigations continue.

His removal came the same week as Argentina’s vice president, Cristina Kirchner was convicted of corruption.

The former president’s immunity keeps her out of jail, but unless she wins any appeal, her political career will be over.

All this, just weeks after Brazil elected Lula De Silva president for a second term. It’s a dramatic reversal after 18 months in jail for corruption, before his conviction was annulled.

So, why have several current left-wing leaders in Latin America been under investigation?

Presenter: Nastasya Tay


Javier Farje – Peruvian journalist and an analyst on Latin American affairs.

In Buenos Aires, Sebastian Lacunza – a senior reporter for REDD Intelligence Latin America and a former editor of the Buenos Aires Herald.

And in Managua, Ben Norton – Investigative journalist, and founder and editor of Multipolarista – an independent news website based in Latin America.