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What is needed to end the famine in Tigray?

About 2.6 million people in the war-torn northern Ethiopian region desperately need food aid.

It is being called “the worst disaster on Earth” and the situation in Ethiopia’s Tigray region is expected to worsen.

The United Nations says the nearly two-year conflict has left almost half the population in “severe” need of food assistance. That is despite a ceasefire in March, which allowed the delivery of aid to resume.

The UN has called for urgent action to avert further disaster in the war-torn region. Tigrayan leaders are accused of refusing talks with the Ethiopian government.

So is peace a condition for ending the humanitarian crisis?

Presenter: Laura Kyle


Sudd Hasen – Tigrayan activist

William Davison – senior Ethiopia analyst at the International Crisis Group

Bizuneh Getachew Yimenu – Ethiopia researcher and lecturer at Kent University