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What challenges do Turkey, Egypt face in restoring ties?

Turkey and Egypt are close to restoring full diplomatic relations that could have implications on the entire region.

After years of animosity, Turkey and Egypt are working towards restoring ties.

Diplomatic relations plunged in 2013 when Egypt’s current president led a military coup that overthrew democratically elected leader Mohamed Morsi.

Turkey has since hosted a number of Muslim Brotherhood figures who fled Egypt.

A decade later, attempts to mend their relationship could have widespread implications in the region and could affect political links, presidential elections and economies.

But what challenges do they face? And what does it mean for the region?

Presenter: Tom McRae


Yusuf Alabarda – Security expert with Foundation for Political, Economic and Social Research

Helin Sari Ertem – Associate professor of international relations at Istanbul Medeniyet University

Khalil al-Anani – Senior fellow at Arab Center Washington, DC