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Will Donald Trump get the US Republican nomination?

Donald Trump is the frontrunner for the Republican nomination despite criminal charges.

Donald Trump stunned the United States political establishment and the world by winning the race for the White House nearly seven years ago.

Two impeachments, a lost election and a failed insurrection later, the 77-year-old is hoping to do the same in next year’s US presidential poll.

So far, Trump is the frontrunner to become the Republican nominee.

At the same time, he has been facing dozens of criminal charges and several investigations.

But will these sink his political ambitions? Or will they help him win more support?

Presenter: Adrian Finighan


Rina Shah – Political strategist and commentator who served as a senior staffer to Republican members of Congress

Amy Koch – Republican strategist and former majority leader of the Minnesota state senate

Melanie Sloan – Attorney and former US federal prosecutor, and an expert on government ethics