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Health workers dispensing the polio vaccine in Pakistan face violence and resistance as they go about their work.

Published On 19 Oct 2014
Video Duration 05 minutes 17 seconds

Could a “prawn ladder” built into a dam wall aid in the fight against bilharzia in the Senegal basin?

Published On 30 Sep 2014
Video Duration 06 minutes 19 seconds

A man from a leprosy colony in India talks about the difficulties he has faced since being diagnosed with the disease.

Published On 23 Sep 2014
Video Duration 01 minutes 43 seconds

Health hero Rachna Kumari explains the devastating social exclusion cured leprosy sufferers still face.

Published On 23 Sep 2014
Video Duration 01 minutes 37 seconds

Meet the scientists at ‘Mosquito city’ who are using unusual and innovative methods to tackle malaria.

Published On 13 Aug 2014
Video Duration 08 minutes 25 seconds

A team in South Sudan tries to find out where a cattle herder with Guinea worm may have infected communal water sources.

Published On 29 Jul 2014
Video Duration 07 minutes 23 seconds

Why is Africa still the most dangerous place in the world for mothers and babies?

Published On 24 Jul 2014
Video Duration 47 minutes 30 seconds

How a small organisation seized on Coca-Cola’s global reach to save the lives of children in Zambia

Published On 6 Jul 2014

Will health workers in Pakistan overcome political and religious tensions to vaccinate children against polio?

Published On 29 May 2014
Video Duration 47 minutes 17 seconds