Exclusive: Video shows Egyptians monitored Giulio Regeni

Video shows Italian researcher Giulio Regeni was being monitored by Egyptian officials before he was murdered in 2016.

Exclusive video obtained by Al Jazeera from Italian judicial sources shows a conversation between Egyptian officials allegedly assigned to monitor Italian researcher Giulio Regeni.

Regeni, 28, was murdered in February 2016. His body was found on the outskirts of Egypt’s capital with signs of extensive torture.

This video recording serves as the first evidence confirming Regeni was targeted and monitored by Egyptian authorities.

Italian prosecutors have announced plans to charge four senior members of Egypt’s security services over their alleged role in Regeni’s abduction and murder.

Egyptian authorities deny any involvement and prosecutors insist that the killers remain unknown.

Regeni was in Egypt researching union activities among Egyptian street vendors for his doctoral thesis at Cambridge University.

His death sparked outrage in Italy and his parents are still demanding justice.

Rights groups say signs of torture on Regeni’s body resembled injuries caused by widespread practices in Egyptian facilities.

This video was edited by Al Jazeera Newsfeed’s Seena Khalil.