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The Age of Xi: China’s leader looks to a third term

Ahead of the 20th Party Congress, the CCP ramps up pro-Xi Jinping propaganda. Plus, the crushing of speech in Bangladesh.

Having brought Chinese journalists to heel, President Xi Jinping’s power grab is, predictably, cheered on by the country’s media.

Lizzi Lee – Journalist, Wall Street TV and host, Live with Lizzi Lee
Shelley Zhang – Writer, China Uncensored
Xu Qinduo – Presenter, CGTN
Xiao Qiang – Founder and editor-in-chief, China Digital Times

On our radar:

Seven years on from the Sandy Hook school shooting, families of the victims have successfully sued InfoWars host Alex Jones for close to a billion dollars. Producer Flo Phillips reports on shock-jock Jones’ costly conspiracy theory.

Digital oppression in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, the government is using lawfare against journalists and voices of dissent. Producer Meenakshi Ravi looks at the controversial Digital Security Act and its toxic effect on the country’s journalism and politics.

Zyma Islam – Reporter, The Daily Star
Jyotirmoy Barua – Lawyer
Kanak Sarwar – Journalist and YouTuber
Anisul Huq – Minister for Law, Justice & Parliamentary Affairs