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Ukraine-Russia: A prolonged propaganda war

Four months since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, we look at how Russian media is spinning a new war narrative. Plus, misogyny in Greek media.

Ukraine – and the Kremlin’s special media operation that has Russian journalists under control.

Anthony Borden – CEO, Institute for War and Peace Reporting (IWPR)
Andrei Soldatov – Editor-In-Chief,, investigative journalist
Mariia Zolkina – Head of Regional Security and Conflict Studies, Democratic Initiatives Foundation
Ekaterina Kotrikadze – News director, Dozhd TV

On our radar:

The Times of London crumbles under political pressure. Producer Meenakshi Ravi looks into 10 Downing Street’s most recent attempt to censor the British press.

Greece’s femicide epidemic and sexism in the media

The phenomenon of femicide in Greece and the detrimental role misogynistic journalism is playing in the way such crimes are reported.

Christina Galanopoulou – Head of social media, LiFO magazine
Zina Koutselini – TV host, Star Channel
Anastasia Giamali – Journalist, Kontra Channel
Natassa Kefallinou – Head of communications, Diotima