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Peru: A disconnect between protesters and press

Peruvians are protesting but what story is the media telling? Also, the dangers of dissent in Belarus.

For the past three months, Peru has been in a state of political turmoil. With one impeached president – Pedro Castillo – in prison and his successor Dina Boluarte managing a tense nation, non-stop protests have rocked the nation.

In the midst of this, establishment media – news outlets mostly owned and controlled by Peru’s elite – are at odds with many of the protesters, adding fuel to a raging fire of discontent.

Simeon Tegel – Peru-based journalist
Jonathan Castro – editor, La Encerrona
Jacqueline Fowks – Peru specialist, Reporters Without Borders
Cecilia Valenzuela – news editor, Caretas

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For the rescuers still trying to find survivors under the earthquake rubble in Turkey and Syria, social media – through messages posted by victims on YouTube, Twitter and Instagram – has helped save lives. But the Turkish government has been riled by some of the online content. A lot of this is criticism of the state’s response to the earthquake, some of which is genuinely false information. Producer Meenakshi Ravi looks into the details of the story.

Belarus: Dissidents in exile

For nearly 30 years, Belarus has been ruled by Alexander Lukashenko. Criticism of his autocratic government and its close relationship with the Kremlin comes at a high cost, although some Belarusians in exile still speak out. Producer Johanna Hoes reports on those outside the country who are still getting stories of corruption, repression and forced Russification out.

Margarita Levchuk – opera singer and political satirist
Jan Rudzik – blogger, Post+ Rudzik
Yuliana Shemetovets -hacktivist, Cyber Partisans Collective