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Israel’s assault on the last ‘safe zone’ in Gaza

Is the horror of Rafah being downplayed or do we not have the words to describe it?

More than a million Palestinians have been crammed into the city of Rafah –  which is being bombed by Israel with the imminent threat of a ground invasion. Western media, however, has once again failed to communicate the severity of this moment.

Laura Albast – Media Analyst, Institute for Palestine Studies-USA
Nabih Bulos – Middle East Bureau Chief, LA Times
Adel Iskandar – Professor of Global Communication, Simon Fraser University
Jacob Magid – US Bureau Chief, The Times of Israel

On our radar:

Haaretz newspaper published an article about Israeli soldiers cooking food in Palestinian homes– the same homes these soldiers chased them out of, all while Palestinians themselves are being starved by Israel. Nic Muirhead on the mocking of Palestinian suffering.


The Kremlin’s youth militarisation push

Since Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the Kremlin has invested considerably in managing domestic perceptions of the war – including among younger citizens.

With the war dragging on, the government’s youth propaganda has escalated. Educational institutions have become part of an orchestrated effort to shape loyal militarised nationalists and passive media consumers.

Alexander Borodikhin – Editor, Mediazona
Ekaterina Kotrikadze – Anchor, TV Rain
Ian Garner – Professor, Queen’s University Centre for International and Defence Policy