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Can Gen Z finally break the cycle of generational trauma?

We look at the phenomenon of generational trauma and whether Gen Z are the ones who can finally break the cycle.

What do the descendants of the victims of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, the Holocaust and the genocide against the Tutsis in Rwanda have in common? Studies show many will suffer higher rates of anxiety, depression and PTSD.

We all inherit many things from our families – stories, cheekbones, heirlooms – but there is something else we can inherit, too; the effects of pain and suffering passed down through the ages, otherwise known as generational trauma. So what does this mean for those carrying the weight of history in their genes? And, if trauma is inherited, can Gen Z be the ones to finally break the cycle?

Presenter: Myriam Francois

Serene Thin Elk – Mental health and addictions therapist
Zaina Arafat – Writer
Elliot Sang – Content creator, writer and musician