Jeffrey Sachs on why UN should vote for Palestinian statehood

Marc Lamont Hill discusses Palestinian statehood with Jeffrey Sachs ahead of the UN Security Council vote on membership.

The United Nations Security Council is scheduled to vote Thursday on the Palestinian Authority’s request for full UN membership, which if approved would de facto recognise Palestine as a state. The majority of UN member states already recognise Palestine as a state, and Israel’s war on Gaza has reignited more calls for a two-state solution.

The Israeli government opposes Palestinian sovereignty, but all eyes are on the United States, which could use its veto power to block recognition.

So what can be expected from the UN Security vote on Friday? And could recognition of a Palestinian state bring about an end to the war?

In this UpFront Web Extra, Marc Lamont Hill talks to Columbia University Professor and Special Advisor to the United Nations Jeffrey Sachs about the upcoming UN vote and the future of Palestine.