Spain’s Housing Battles: A pensioner-turned-activist fights evictions

Under threat of eviction, Antonio emerges from his quiet retirement to fight for housing rights in Spain.

Antonio and Maria are a Spanish couple in their 80s from Madrid.

For the first time in their lives, they are finding it difficult to afford gas and electricity bills. They are struggling with the rising cost of living taking grip across Europe.

To make matters worse, their rent has just been increased and there are no housing laws to protect them.

Antonio and his wife have nowhere else to go. They decide to join their neighbours who are applying pressure on the Spanish authorities to bring in fair rental regulations.

Faced with the possibility of losing his home, Antonio unwittingly goes from a quiet retirement to becoming the face of a grassroots movement that is giving hope to his community.

Spain’s Housing Battles is a documentary film by Rodrigo Hernandez and Adriana Cardoso.