World Cup 2022: Can you outguess our AI predictor robot?

Al Jazeera’s AI robot, has made up for a shaky start and has correctly predicted the outcome of seven out of the eight knockout games.

(Al Jazeera)

World Cup 2022 has produced some incredible football and shocks.

The group stages provided endless high-octane thrillers, all laced with an air of unpredictability. With 28 goals scored in the Round of 16 matches, this tournament has continued to deliver.

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But behind the captivating lure of this footballing spectacle, there has been an existential battle taking place at the Al Jazeera offices.

The question: Who can predict a football game better? Kashef, our beloved AI robot, or humans?

Kashef, the artificial intelligence (AI) robot, analyses more than 200 metrics, including the number of wins, goals scored and FIFA rankings, from matches played over the past century to predict his match winners.

After every day of action, as players and fans settle down to sleep, Kashef dutifully downloads the day’s data and predicts the outcomes for the next day and its expected route to the final.

But how accurate has Kashef been?

Kashef’s performance so far

The group stages were not kind to Kashef, who erred on the side of caution and failed to foresee any of the many major upsets.

However, as the sentient emotional highs and lows – that come with the adrenaline-fuelled World Cup environment – settle and players acclimatise to the schedule, Kashef’s conservative approach began to produce results.

After 56 matches played overall this World Cup, Kashef has a 68 percent accuracy level. Every day, Kashef processes new data, honing his skills at predicting and updating which team will most likely make it to the next round.

INTERACTIVE Kashef sixty eight

How did Kashef fare yesterday?

Morocco vs Spain

  • Kashef’s prediction: Spain win – incorrect
  • Al Jazeera’s poll: Morocco win – correct
  • Final result: Morocco 3-0 Spain, after a penalty shootout

After a nail-biting goalless match that went to extra time, the 2010 World Cup winners Spain were knocked out of the tournament by Morocco, the last remaining Arab team, who are yet to lose a match this tournament.

Kashef did not see that one coming.

(Al Jazeera)

Portugal vs Switzerland

  • Kashef’s prediction: Portugal win – correct
  • Al Jazeera’s poll: Portugal win – correct
  • Final result: Portugal 6-1 Switzerland

An identical result if you round off the percentages is a promising sign that sometimes humans and technology can both get it right.

In an explosive end to the Round of 16, Portugal’s Goncalo Ramos scored three goals as his team thrashed Switzerland 6-1 to set up a quarter-final against Morocco in the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

(Al Jazeera)

Who will make the quarter-finals?

Below you can see how Kashef sees this World Cup panning out as the eight remaining teams enter the quarter-finals.

(Al Jazeera)

Predicting match results is no easy task. External factors like team morale or player fitness make a big difference in how the game goes.

See if you can outsmart Kashef and predict today’s winners by playing our AI game here.

Source: Al Jazeera