Talk to Al Jazeera: In the Field

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A journey into one of the world’s most dangerous migration routes.

Published On 30 Oct 2021
Video Duration 24 minutes 10 seconds

We explore the German capital’s identity and dissect the city’s anti-status quo legacy.

Published On 10 Jul 2021
Video Duration 26 minutes 00 seconds

Explore what is being done in the Ibera National Park to protect nature, restore the ecology and increase biodiversity.

Published On 24 Apr 2021
Video Duration 25 minutes 35 seconds

A story of hope, friendship and sacrifice in pursuit of a new Iraq.

Published On 13 Mar 2021
Video Duration 25 minutes 55 seconds

The Greek island’s residents discuss how years of hosting thousands of refugees and migrants have affected them.

Published On 2 Jan 2021
Video Duration 25 minutes 40 seconds

As Sudan faced the worst floods in a century, we travelled to Khartoum to meet some of those most affected.

Published On 7 Nov 2020
Video Duration 25 minutes 50 seconds