The Listening Post

Russia-Ukraine: The Media Front Line

A compilation of Listening Post reports on the media dimensions of the Russia-Ukraine conflict – from information warfare to the crushing of dissent.

On this special edition of our programme – a timeline of our reports through 2022 on the media dimension of this conflict – from the build-up to the invasion, right through the messaging war and the global media’s news coverage.


Max Seddon – Moscow bureau chief, Financial Times
Ekaterina Kotrikadze – News director and anchor, TV Rain
Terrell Starr – Host, Black Diplomats podcast
Alexey Kovalyov – Investigative editor, Meduza
Branko Marcetic – Writer, Jacobin
Natalia Antelava – Editor-in-chief, Coda Story
Vera Tolz – Professor of Russian Studies, University of Manchester
Maria Avdeeva – Disinformation researcher
Melinda Haring – Eurasia Center, Atlantic Council
James Rodgers – Author, Assignment Moscow
Aglaya Snetkov – Associate professor, International Politics of Russia, University College London
Mikhail Fishman – Anchor, TV Rain
Jade McGlynn – Department of War Studies, King’s College London
Katrina vanden Heuvel – Editorial director, The Nation
George Beebe – Former director of Russia Analysis, CIA
Leonid Ragozin – Journalist and author