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Israel-Gaza: Genocidal rhetoric and the fog of war

We’ve seen the language of extermination, incessant bombardment and hellish scenes on TV. And as the war intensifies, the chaos of misinformation deepens.

Two weeks into Israel’s war on Gaza, what the world is witnessing – from Israeli leaders’ racist and genocidal rhetoric to the mass killing of Palestinian civilians – bears the hallmarks of a historic crime. This episode looks at how the media are responding – in Israel and beyond.

Neve Gordon – professor of international law and human rights, Queen Mary University
Tariq Kenney-Shawa – US policy fellow, Al-Shabaka
Antony Loewenstein – Author of books such as The Palestine Laboratory
Yousef Munayyer – senior fellow, Arab Center Washington, DC
Sherine Tadros – deputy director of advocacy & UN representative, Amnesty International

From disinformation to ‘shadow banning’: Marwa Fatafta on the digital front line

With journalists locked out of the Gaza Strip, social platforms have become a vital means of finding and sharing information as well as another front in the propaganda war. Marwa Fatafta, a Palestinian digital rights analyst, talks us through the online dimension of this conflict – including disinformation, hate speech and the censorship of Palestinian voices.

Marwa Fatafta – MENA policy manager, Access Now