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Michael Eric Dyson: Is the US truly ready to reckon with race?

On Wednesday, December 23 at 19:30 GMT:
The grief and anger that poured into America’s streets after the police murder of George Floyd was huge in scale and almost unprecedented in how it captured not only US but world attention.

Acclaimed author and academic Michael Eric Dyson has taken stock of this remarkable year in the long-running fight for racial justice in his latest book ‘Long Time Coming: Reckoning With Race in America‘. The book is written as a series of letters to Black victims of police killings and racially-motivated murders. He writes to George Floyd, to Breonna Taylor, to Eric Garner, to Emmett Till and more.

The result is both a howl of sorrow and a call to arms. It directly addresses who Dyson calls the “martyrs” and also at times speaks directly to white people, asking them to listen and to learn.

In this episode of The Stream, we meet Dyson to discuss the events of 2020, the ongoing battle for racial justice, and to ask what concrete action can be taken beyond the protest movement.

In this episode of The Stream we are joined by:
Michael Eric Dyson, @michaeledyson
Author and academic