We Need To Talk

Who’s to blame for the increase of inequality in the US?

“Capitalism is killing us,” says activist and podcast host Ryan Knight.

In this episode of We Need To Talk, Malika Bilal sat down with Knight to discuss the rising economic inequality in the US and socialism as a potential solution for the country.

“We have 78% of Americans who are living paycheck to paycheck. Meanwhile, two billionaires –  Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates – now own more wealth than half of our entire nation. That is not an economic system that is working for the majority of the people in this country,” Knight said in the interview.

We Need to Talk is Al Jazeera Digital’s flagship interview show that engages newsmakers, politicians, scholars and activists in conversation about issues at the core of the United States election 2020. Bilal is an award-winning journalist who has interviewed heads of state and other global leaders at the network.