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The Occupied West Bank: The Other Front

Shared stories of violence and forcible displacement of Palestinians in the occupied West Bank as the war in Gaza rages.

Since Israel began its bombardment of the Gaza Strip on October 7, 2023, violence has also surged in the occupied West Bank to unprecedented levels.

More than 2,000 Palestinians have been arrested and almost 200 have been killed in the last month alone. Scores more have been arrested, beaten and tortured, fueling concerns that this could erupt into a second front as Israel pushes on in their stated objective to access and control Palestinian territory.

Constant overnight raids carried out by Israeli military forces have seen families throughout the occupied West Bank forcibly removed from their homes. Within this complex mosaic of hillside cities, farms, Israeli settlements and army checkpoints that split up Palestinian communities, settlers have become empowered to act with even further impunity.

The shooting, killing and intimidation of Palestinians in the streets and in their homes is nothing new. They have been under threat and pressure of military and settler violence for years. The legal phrase that describes these actions is “creating a coercive environment” so that the Palestinians will leave of their own volition — and eventually collapse under this ongoing pressure.

The fact that the occupied West Bank is not controlled by Hamas means the Israeli-stated goal of getting rid of those “terrorists” fails to justify their actions. And this has not stopped them from increasing their military presence throughout the occupied areas.

This film delves into the current situation in the occupied West Bank as experienced by Palestinians, with a range of views from Palestinians and Israelis. It explores how life there, already difficult for Palestinians, is becoming unbearable as well as what is really at stake here for Israel and what long-term plans for the West Bank may be.