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The Full Report: Occupied and Imprisoned

Arrested and abused – a look at how thousands of Palestinians are being detained in Israel’s prisons.

During Palestine’s 75 years under Israeli occupation, the arrest and detention of Palestinians has been a very deliberate method of intimidation and control.

There are more than 8,000 Palestinians currently in Israeli custody.

Since the Hamas attack of October 7, the number of Palestinians apprehended has risen sharply, with Israel arresting as many as 70 people a day in the occupied West Bank alone.

They stand accused of crimes as innocuous as sharing a post on social media sympathetic to the Palestine cause or as serious as a violent attack on an Israeli.

Al Jazeera’s senior correspondent Hoda Abdel-Hamid meets with some of these prisoners following their release. They recall tales of abuse and torture, both physical and emotional. She also explores this long-standing and controversial policing strategy and what this means for an already hostile coexistence.